Friday 21 June 2019

ADTP : The Technologies Assembling Co.

Mont-Blanc Excellence : a label to « be on top of our game »

“This label is a road map for the company that leads to thinking and anticipating and asking the right questions especially in terms of strategy, steering and communication.” stated JP Martinod. “More importantly, it has led us to structure our organization in a complex environment since we have several sites, several technologies and several activities.” ADTP wrapped up its auto diagnostic last April; it allowed them to identify critical development axes as well as its road map to commit to 2 more years with the Label starting this June. 

With industry 4.0 being the heart of the industrial world, the electronic integration specialist here in Northern Savoy has chosen to base performance on CSR (Company Social Responsibility) to serve Humans.

They are indeed specialists of CSR! It has been part of its DNA since 1957 when it got started. French companies are only about to consider it as a positive lever of their activity on Society and when it can also be a financial value tool. “Our statutes precise we are a Non-For-Profit Association, but we are a real company in the sense that we generate value and employment, mainly for disabled people” explained Jean-Pierre Martinod, General Manager of ADTP who heads the 5 disability friendly production sites.

« Our difference is our strength. »

In 2019, 80% of ADTP employees are disabled, i.e. 480/600. 40% work directly and 60% through a disability structure. ADTP is a committed company that hires disabled people but also is a social leader. “We started impacting absenteeism when we took into account the social needs of our employees” acknowledges the Manager. Beyond adapting the schedules because of the disability or the family situation, ADTP uses social action skills to listen and advise folks facing a difficult time in their life: Financial hardship, housing or other difficulties. “The idea is that each employee is helped to solve her/his personal problems so that s/he is more available to meet the demands of her/his work.”

Manufacturing process challenge

20 trades are now represented on the 5 Northern Savoy production sites. ADTP therefore holds a real industrial know-how and a real expertise when it comes to electronic integration and wire connection as well as assembling and packing. No production per se, but conception and manufacturing process represent 80% of our Turn-Over. “It reached 15 M. euros in 2019 with an annual growth between 2 and 5% over the last 10 years” confirmed JP Martinod who added that hiring has increased by 7.2% over the las 7 years. 

The main activity is electronic integration: it consists in manufacturing and assembling, then connecting wires, cables, cards in boxes. It is mainly small series – less than 30 parts usually – and a tailor-made production when time is of the essence. For instance, the collector manufactured for Alstom Transport that is used to collect data via sensors located under the rails to record when trains pass and that is available in France and China or the control bay for devices linked to the CERN collider. For Smoove, the French number 1 for self-service bike hire system Velib, ADTP provides the electronic bay for the stem. All in all, 60 customers: they are start-ups as well as large groups ranging from Schneider Electric, Label Cobham, Mecasonic, Skiply, Scaime… to Tesa or Termofischer the latter ones being 2 Swiss SMEs specialized respectively in Weighing Control and Mass Spectrometry. 


Alstom Transport has commissioned ADTP for its rail data collector that is directly exported to China.

Another major activity is the development of assembling solutions for simple or complex products. Again, the objective is not to outsource per se but to “find a solution to a customer’s problem.” To provide a quality assembly at the best price. It requires real skills and sharp process that are constantly evolving. Another product that is worth mentioning is the sensor mat invented by Anaxi Technology to light up around the bed of persons in need of care and therefore prevent accidents. “We have worked with this start-up Co. from the conception of the product with the objective to reduce the price and the initial investment; we have done so in using semi-automated systems. For the moment and for a long time to come, the most adaptable ‘resource’ is the human being, so we are keen to develop solutions that associate man and machine (Cobot).” According to JP Martinod, “ADTP is primarily a technology tool-box; so, we are often the industrial tool of small companies that do not own our know-how or companies in need of flexibility and rapid response.”

Bring robots into the game to optimize the Man-Machine relation.

Having co-defined assembly solutions with major customers has led ADTP to invest in robotized production lines dedicated to the manufacturing of their products. After integrating a first line for Tefal in 2018, a second line will be built for NTN-SNR later this year. “We will have to use more robots to handle and move parts with a logic aiming at reducing Musculoskeletal disorders (MSD).” ADTP will cooperate with integrators to develop specific robotized assembly lines. The industrial investment has reached 3.5 million euros over the last 2 years and has led to a larger production area and an increase of the technical solution available. In 2018, ADTP incorporated a Technical Dept. with a Manager; that strategic orientation led to a significant rise in training of all employees while “tasks were split to make them accessible to all”.


Assembly of carbon fiber protection cages for drones dedicated to inspecting confined spaces. Those cages are developed by the Swiss manufacturer Flyability.


Assembly of carbon fiber protection cages for drones dedicated to inspecting confined spaces. Those cages are developed by the Swiss manufacturer Flyability.

Patricia Rey, journalist