Friday 09 November 2018

AMD Décolletage is going from strength to strength

AMD Décolletage - a subsidiary of Savoy International - is now operating in Marnaz on a new showcase site. 

In just barely two years, AMD Décolletage took on an entirely new dimension in Marnaz. "We have enlarged and entirely renovated the old Cotterlaz site, with the aim of having a building and working conditions that protect the environment and the staff to attract young people" explained its director, Jean-Paul Poncet. 


The location - 7500 m2 – has become a showcase for Savoy International to which AMD Décolletage belongs.

"Our company has 135 employees on permanent and fixed-term contracts to which can be added 35 temporary employees, for a turnover expected to be €35 million in 2018". The sectors in which its activity is carried on are automotive (52%), connections (40%) and aeronautics (8%). It operates on a site enlarged at the end of July when Gervet Frères was taken over (3500 m2) thereby contributing space and production capacities to AMD. "This rounds out the €8 million investment made in 2017 (to purchase the Cotterlaz site and to modernize the equipment.

"This industrial complex was designed in the spirit of Lean Manufacturing and Industry 4.0" added Jean-Paul Poncet. Fully air-conditioned, the "site is equipped with an oil mist extraction system and does not reject outside any particle greater than one micron. The process itself is being improved.

"The teams were set up in two stages; in the summer of 2017 and in June 2018. In the meantime, we made another acquisition!". Also located in Marnaz, Parroche-Dorioz (Turnover = €2.5 million and 15 employees) was taken over at the end of July 2017. Specialized in automotive and aeronautics, it opened up new prospects for AMD, while contributing an installed base of CNC machines, easy to integrate into the existing installed base, which is the largest one in France (48 Tsugami machines, as well as 7 control and assembly machines equipped with robots).


"We seized the opportunity to enter the aeronautics market". AMD delivers rolling parts to the SKF group and will develop its presence in this sector with other products. From now on, its aim is to obtain EN 9100 certification at the end of 2019.

"Our strategy is also is to continue to export and to develop the electric vehicle activity" confidently stated the AMD Décolletage director. The company is already active in automotive connections with a specialty: the electric vehicle charging socket for Renault, Nissan and for an American manufacturer.

Moreover, the company is working on this booming market with parts manufacturers such as Delphi and is counting on French counterparts. It manufactures parts for braking systems and parts for temperature sensors in the engines.

Finally, using the synergies within the group, together with Savoy Moulage, it has developed a part cast from a master mold for the solenoid valves in automatic gear boxes for the American company Borgwarner. "This joint design emphasizes the group's strength to propose a single service. It took a year for our two companies' in-house teams to develop it".

Three persons – an engineer and two methods & industrialization technicians – were involved for one year on this project which illustrates the build-up of AMD Décolletage. "We are very open on our environment and on the lookout for new technologies." The company is developing an extensive partnership with CETIM-CTDEC to work on the tools-materials combination in the lead-free metals field. 


Making resources available to the right team is one of the answers found in the group to boost its turnover. Enough to meet the expectations of the connections customers to which AMD delivers the contacts that are particularly used in industry and aeronautics. "We work in close collaboration with Thermocompact (Annecy) to perfect a selective treatment when depositing gold and silver on the parts."

With more than 170 employees, a production of 300 million parts per year, and a turnover of close to €35 million, to which can be added the €5 million contributed by Gervet Frères, AMD Décolletage has indeed taken off. As of this year, the company aims at generating a turnover of €42 million as a result of the rapid expansion of the electric vehicle.

The last objective, to emphasize exports – already 90% – a market where AMD Décolletage has been active for a long time and to increase the added value of the parts by turning towards producing small sub-assemblies, regardless of the sector. To do this, the company will recruit new skills in mechanics. "We can already propose comprehensive services (materials and process) and a finished product to our customers" specified the AMD director.

To conclude, JP Poncet added:" All this is the result of our exchanges with the Mont Blanc Excellence Industries certification which enabled us to ask the right questions, consistent with the action we are conducting within the company. In the globalized world where we live, our sole strength is to be productive and to gain in industrial performance".

Françoise Lafuma, journalist


Legend: A Workshop Train now collects parts and swarves, therefore freeing qualified personnel from this task and consequently improving production flow. 


Legend: Jean-Paul Poncet, AMD Décolletage Plant Manager