Tuesday 04 June 2019

Arcom Industrie : « A Global Service Provider »

In Saint-Pierre-en-Faucigny, the tooling specialist is positioning itself as a global service provider with a full and competitive offer. The company is betting on co-conception to reinforce its role of ‘multi-line specialist’ and extend its expertise.

 “Arcom Industries is a global provider of high added value finished products stemming from several industrial technologies, from tooling to laser marking, assembling and welding”, explains Sébastien Gaillard, GM of Arcom Industrie.

“We invest annually 10 to 15% of our turn-over in our industrial tool” boasts the young manager who represents the second generation of the family who owns that SME which was created in 1999 in Saint-Pierre-en-Faucigny with an activity of industrial trading. Its main markets are medical, fluids, aeronautics, space, vacuum, automobile and equipment appliances. Its customers are diverse, ranging  from SME to large groups.

Its added value : a specific organization

To reinforce its expertise, Arcom Industrie bought 2 companies in the Arve Valley: Euronum, a tooling specialist in 2007 and Mallinjoud, a screw cutting company in 2012. “It allows us to produce cut parts from 0.6mm to 300mm. Some of those are very sophisticated indeed.” Sébastien Gaillard explains clearly his strategy: “Penetrate a market with simple or complex parts in small or large series”. His strength: a unique contact. “It is very important today when decision makers want to limit the number of middle-men.” For every order, and as soon as the quote has been OKed, the manager selects a Project Leader and a dedicated team to manage the project from A to Z and deliver on time. The company is indeed well known for its flexibility and for quickly launching the production of new parts. “Quality is a pre-requisite, but on-time delivery is an everyday fight”. Furthermore, one has to remain competitive with prices that do not exceed the market.


A brand new industrial tool

To be on the cutting edge, Arcom Industrie can count on high-tech machinery and a control equipment at the forefront. It started with about a dozen machines in 2007 and now has 40+ CNCs. « 70 % of our machinery is less than 5 years old. It is an important investment for a 3000 sq. m. factory, that was enlarged twice so as to meet demand ». 

Develop along an axis of co-conception.

Over the last 2 years, the company has been betting on co-conception and co-industrialization of parts, components and sub-ensembles in partnership with its customers. “Some are very interested in our expertise » explains the Manager who bets on the win-win relationship. He is sure that “to propose the best product in terms of conception, quality v. price, it is necessary to be able to intervene upstream of the project.

It is a business model that pays off : Arcom Industrie generates an annual growth of 30% a year since 2017. In 2018, its turn-over was 11.4 million euros, 30 % exported. The Manager and his 70 employees are aiming at 12 M. for next FY. “Our portfolio is larger and larger; today we have 140 customers especially in aeronautics and medical. Those are the two sectors where we obtained the EN9100 et 13485 certifications”.

Aiming at industrial excellence

The family owned company is always searching for industrial performance; it therefore launched the Mont-Blanc Industries Excellence certification. Committed since 2017, it intends to gain in organizational performance. “We are working on trade and production thanks to key indicators. Our objective is to be good at everything; at each level of the company explains Sébastien Gaillard. Early in 2019, it started a 3rd cycle  “A major project” since it deals with continuous improvement in production, “with the objective to ensure the continued existence of the company and to hold steady through regular investments. Let’s keep in mind that it is necessary to always bring more services to the customer.” Even if sometimes, it requires integrating more skills and know-how.



Patricia Rey, Journalist