Monday 04 February 2019

Club Excellence on February 1st, 2019: Let’s be creative!

Over 20 labelled companies met last February 1st to experiment the Appreciative Inquiry Method. It helps to identify development tools within the Label and speed up its deployment to help local companies. This method is based on individual success shared within a group with the objective to have new ideas spring and these ideas be implemented within the companies.

Sitting at a table with 4 or 6 people, the participants were able to test that 3-stage process:

  • - Pair work: each participant interviews the others, and everyone tells his/her story and share the label deployment experience within his/her company or with his/her partners or customers. In doing so, skills and know-how that were necessary to succeed are specified.

    2019 club excellence fev duos

  • - Group work: each participant takes 3 minutes to share the story of the person s/he interviewed highlighting the skills and wishes for the future. Then each table will select one story (the most innovative, creative, appropriate) and give it a title. Together, the group defines the way to share the story to the other participants so that it be the most appreciated.

    2019 club excellence fev temps partage

  • - Presentation: the objective is to transform the selected story in an innovative medium (visuals, game, skit, video…) to tell the tale and the shared wishes.

Group video Presentation :

 “The idea is to promote the Label in our company through our success.”

“The Label is the right tool at the right time to transform the company.”

“The Label is a promotion and territory-based marketing tool for the companies.”