Friday 12 April 2019

PEXYS (12 personnes) s’engage dans un 1er cycle du Label

PEXYS was created in 2006 and is an expert company that offers IT solutions to professionals. We are an innovative partner for the complete management of your IT infrastructure, system and network maintenance as well as security maintenance. Its hosted infrastructure offers Cloud solutions, high local availability as well as secured collaborative messaging system. PEXYS has been focusing on fiber optics to allow its clients to connect to this new network and is implementing the transition to centralized VoIP thanks to its data center.

PEXYS supports and advises company managers to make the right choices and decisions. According to Laurent SGRO, who manages PEXYS,” the commitment to a Mt Blanc Excellence 1st Cycle heralds the will to progress along a strategic road map beyond our technical skills, especially when it comes to management and HR, communication, sales… An outside perception is an opportunity to better manage the company and find customized solutions. “

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